​Founding Partner at JAL Ventures Ltd.

Joshua Levinberg co-founded Gilat Satellite Networks and JAL Ventures together with his brother, Amiram Levinberg. A graduate of Tel Aviv University, he received a bachelor of science degree in electronics and electrical engineering.


Gilat Satellite Networks

In 1987, Joshua co-founded Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., where he served as VP of marketing and business development. He moved to the US in 1990, continuing Gilat’s international growth and holding the position of executive vice president and general manager until 1994. After coming back to Israel, he was responsible for Gilat’s business development, focusing on M&A in particular. 

Global Village Telecom

In the late 1990s in Brazil, Joshua founded Global Village Telecom (GVT), which became a leading internet and telecommunications provider in Latin America. In 2009, Vivendi acquired GVT for upwards of $4 billion. In 2015, GVT was bought for over $9.1 billion by Telefonica.

JAL Ventures

In 2004, Joshua co-founded JAL Ventures using his experience for spotting talent and investment opportunities. JAL Ventures invests in internet, SaaS, cybersecurity, and defense companies that are between Pre-A and A funding. The company first invested in Dome9 Security, which is a cloud-based firewall management service. Joshua was a board member of Dome9 until 2017 when Softbank made a $16.5 million investment in it. JAL Ventures has also made investments in Fornova, a provider of big data to the travel industry, and Joshua currently serves as the chairman of that company’s board of directors.

Private Investments and Hobbies

Joshua continues to invest privately and holds shares of Hitech Zone in addition to serving on its board.
Joshua keeps a schedule that might have otherwise excluded time for recreation yet he makes sure to spend time enjoying his passions for winter sports, skiing, and windsurfing.